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Interactive Vending Machine

At Zodiac Solutions, we carry three types of specialised machines:

  • Vending Machine
  • Claw Machine
  • Gachapon Machine


Vending Machines

Discover our interactive vending machines, which combine the convenience of traditional vending with the power of interactive technology. They can be pre-programmed to achieve various intended outcomes. For instance, we can configure the machine to ask a quiz or survey question before dispensing the gift.


Claw Machines

Our claw machines offer a modern twist on the classic arcade game, combining the thrill of traditional claw machines with cutting-edge technology and interactive features, making them perfect to drive brand awareness. Our dynamic machines feature vibrant displays, intuitive controls, and exciting gameplay elements that take the claw machine experience to the next level.


Gachapon Machines:

Our Gachapon machines can be customised to suit any venue or event, with themed capsules, eye-catching designs, and adjustable settings to create a tailored experience for players. Stock the machines with a variety of themed capsules of your choice to provide an element of surprise, allowing consumers to experience the thrill of discovering what treasure awaits inside each capsule.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products


How do our vending machines work?

Our interactive vending machines are powered by state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly integrates hardware, software, and connectivity to deliver an unparalleled vending experience. Here's how it works:

  1. User Interaction: With intuitive navigation and eye-catching visuals, customers can easily browse through product options and explore available offerings.
  2. Product Selection: Using the touchscreen interface, customers can select the desired products from the digital menu.
  3. Transaction Processing: Once the products have been selected, customers can proceed to checkout directly on the touchscreen interface.
  4. Product Dispensing: After the transaction is completed, the interactive vending machine dispenses the selected products to the customer.


How do our claw machines work?

Our claw machines are designed to deliver an immersive and engaging experience from start to finish. Here's how it works:

  1. Player Engagement: Players approach the interactive claw machine and are greeted by a captivating digital display that showcases a variety of prizes.
  2. Gameplay Interaction: Using intuitive controls, players can manoeuvre the claw to position it over their desired prize.
  3. Prize Redemption: If successful, the claw grasps the prize and delivers it to the prize chute, where players can retrieve their winnings.
  4. Customisable Gameplay: Our interactive claw machines can be customised to suit any venue or event, with adjustable difficulty levels, prize selections, and gameplay settings, captivating audiences and creating memorable experiences.


How do our Gachapon machines work?

Our interactive Gachapon machines are designed to provide an immersive and memorable experience for players. Here's how it works:

  1. Selection and Payment: Each machine is stocked with a variety of themed capsules. Players insert coins or tokens into the machine to begin the excitement.
  2. Capsule Dispensing: Subsequently, players turn the knob or press the button to release a capsule from the machine. A capsule then drops into the retrieval tray below, ready to be opened and discovered.
  3. Surprise Unveiling: Players eagerly open the capsule to reveal the hidden treasure inside. The excitement of the unknown adds an extra layer of thrill to the experience.
  4. Customisable Options: Our Gachapon machines can be customised to suit any venue or event, with themed capsules, eye-catching designs, and adjustable settings to create a tailored experience for audiences.


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Interactive Kiosks: Redefining Engagement With Consumers

Interactive kiosks can be found in a variety of places, including shopping malls, visitor centres and exhibitions. They can be designed and programmed to bring out different types of content, such as video, images, and text. Typically composed of touchscreens of varying sizes, the kiosks can be customised according to the user's requirements. Our services, which include designing and animating, programming, and providing hardware, cater to client needs that are defined upon discussion.


What are Interactive Kiosks and How Do They Work?


Interactive kiosks are self-service machines that utilise specialised integrated software to create an intuitive user interface. The goal of this system is to allow users to access information, perform transactions, and engage with content in a seamless and interactive manner, thus delivering a personalised and efficient user experience.


Applications & Functionalities


The versatility of interactive kiosks is endless, with applications spanning various industries and sectors. From retail and hospitality to healthcare and transportation, these machines can revolutionise the way you engage with customers and streamline operations.


Our interactive kiosks can help with a range of functions, including:

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Information kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Wayfinding kiosks


How Can You Benefit From Our Interactive Kiosks?


Our touchscreen kiosks can help future-proof your business. As technology continues to advance, modern consumers not only prefer but expect self-service innovations. By adapting to suit customer preferences, you get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Reduce the burden on staff and free time for more value-added activities.
  • Minimise overall labour and resource costs. 
  • Reduce wait times for customers, resulting in shorter queues and better service levels, thus leading to improved customer experience and satisfaction and higher revenues.
  • Provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and tailor offerings to meet customer needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Kiosks


How do our interactive kiosks improve customer experience?

Our interactive kiosks allow customers to interact with digital content in a user-friendly manner. With a customisable interface, users can effortlessly explore, engage, and discover, performing a range of applications from accessing information to navigating through interactive displays with ease.


What are the main features of our interactive kiosks?

Our interactive kiosks offer enhanced multi-touch capabilities, content management interfaces, user-friendly hardware and software, and customisable options that cater to various industries and occasions, from retail and hospitality to trade shows.


How much does it cost to implement our interactive kiosk?

Our interactive kiosks can be customised to suit various needs and applications. As such, the cost may vary depending on your requirements, screen size, form factor, and other modules. We recommend speaking with us and outlining your project needs and goals to enable us to provide a better idea of the total cost of the implementation.



Projection Mapping

What Is Interactive Projection Mapping?


Interactive projection mapping utilises technology to manipulate and project imagery onto various surfaces, such as floors and walls. These projections can range from 3D animation to video. However, unlike traditional projection mapping, interactive projection mapping adds a unique dimension by allowing users to physically influence the visual display that appears to an audience.


What Are The Applications Of Interactive Wall Projections?


With interactive projection mapping, you can cover any surface, including floors and walls, with dynamic visuals, transporting audiences into worlds of infinite possibilities, making it an effective tool for various applications, including:

    • An interactive retail hoarding

    • Educational purposes

    • Marketing and promotional purposes


Zodiac’s Interactive Projection Mapping Solution


Our interactive projection mapping solution comes in two different types: Interactive Projectors and LiDar with Projectors. These products can be used to display visually captivating content or to engage viewers in a variety of ways. We can even transform any wall or floor into a touch screen capable of triggering captivating animations whenever users touch any hotspot on the surface by incorporating sensors. Our services come bundled with programming, design, animation, and hardware provision.


Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Projection Mapping


Why did interactive projection mapping become so popular?

As the wants and needs of customers change, consumers are increasingly more interested in ‘the experience’ that brands can offer them. Interactive projection mapping offers the solution to businesses, creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences in a way that traditional media cannot.

By allowing viewers to actively participate in the content through touch, motion, and other interactive elements, it generates a deeper level of engagement and connection in consumers, allowing brands to offer a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. The projections are also imminently shareable on social media. That, in turn, leads to greater brand awareness and repeatable use of content in the future.


How much does it cost to implement interactive projection mapping?

The cost may vary depending on the scope and scale of your project. For instance, we offer both interactive wall and floor projections, each requiring different needs to implement. Therefore, we recommend speaking with us and outlining your project needs and goals to enable us to provide a better idea of the total cost of the implementation.


What are the common challenges of interactive projection mapping?

Interactive projection mapping can be complex, often involving various challenges, such as audience size and location, ambient, and site conditions. Therefore, we recommend partnering with an experienced service provider, like Zodiac Solutions, to help streamline the entire process and mitigate risks. 


What are the common environmental factors that can affect interactive projection mapping?

Whether your interactive wall or floor projection is indoors or outdoors, you will need to consider several factors, like the amount of ambient light within the space, the distance of the projector from the projection surface, and if there are any obstructions to overcome.



Augmented & Virtual Reality

We offer three types of services, namely: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). 

AR is available in two formats: web AR and app AR, and Zodiac has the capability to program both. Additionally, we possess in-house VR headsets (Vive Pro 2 and Oculus) and MR headset (Hololens 2) for providing seamless VR and MR experiences. Deepnding on your intended user experience, AR, VR and MR are emerging technologies that have been used in a variety of industries, including gaming, navigation, and education. Our services include design and animation, 3D modelling, programming, and hardware provision.


Interactive Slider

An interactive slider is a type of exhibit that allows visitors to interact with a digital display by moving a slider. This feature enables visitors to control video speed, image size, or the amount of information displayed. We use lidar technology to track screen positions and prompt users to slide the content for a more immersive experience. To fulfill your goals, whether to increase user engagement or improve learning, we can customised the interactive slider. Our services include programming, design, animation, and hardware provision.