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DBS at Singapore Fintech Festival

Interactive Screens + Square LCD Controlled Projection

Our initial challenge was this: How do we make sophisticated finance information more engaging? Instead of traditional data and infographics, we developed a hybrid experience featuring interactive touchscreens and square LCD-controlled projection. 

To kick-start the project, we consulted with each business unit at DBS to gain deeper insights into their content. With this knowledge, our team of experienced UI and UX designers used Figma to create visually stunning and user-friendly designs.

We incorporated interactive touchscreens that are pre-loaded with different formats of content, allowing guests to obtain information on their own. 

We have also introduced another display solution using a 1:1 aspect ratio touch screen TV to control a projector, displaying infographics and motion graphics created by our design team. This enables presenters to showcase vast amounts of data in a concise and captivating manner, making it much easier for guests to comprehend.

The result? A complete reinvention of how sophisticated finance information is presented to the festival attendees - a true game-changer!

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We created a body tracking game for Gastrobeats visitors that challenges players to mimic Food Panda's beloved mascot, Pau Pau.

Within 30 seconds, players must match as many of Pau Pau's poses as possible. Near the end of the game, players must enter their information for the leader board. This not only kept guests engaged, but it also allowed our client to stay in touch with their audience long after the event had ended. 

Post-event data was gathered and provided to our client for inclusion in their mailing list. Our team was in charge of every aspect of the interactive game, from software development to animation design and hardware provision.


CAG Booth At Singapore Airshow

Our mission was to create engaging interactive experience for Changi Airport Group's presence at Singapore Airshow 2020. Our deliverables included a 360° time freeze GIF photobooth, an interactive trampoline game, and animation projection walls to captivate and entertain visitors. 

We worked closely with our client to formulate a compelling storyline, develop UI design and animation, and finally, execute the coding. Instead of the traditional exhibit posters, we leverage on ultra short throw projectors and sensors, to transform ordinary walls into touch-activated displays that entice visitors to explore the content. We also took the visitor experience up a notch with a 360-degree time freeze GIF photobooth that has been enthusiastically embraced by the crowd.


Samsung S24 Ultra

The magic of touch-free control

Air Action transforms your S Pen into a remote control for your Galaxy device. With a flick of your pen, open apps, control your tunes, and effortlessly glide through your photos. It's like magic at your fingertips!

Your shortcut to efficiency

Add and remove features and app shortcuts based on your preferences with Air Command. Share clippings across devices, take notes, translate, write on screenshots - whatever you desire, it's just a click and tap away.


ION World Of Rewards

ION Orchard approached us to develop a distinct 'World of Rewards' kiosk for customers to redeem coupons as part of their Black Friday campaign. Our modern and user-friendly kiosks aim to enhance the shopping experience at ION Orchard by providing shoppers with personalised coupons. To receive their coupon, shoppers simply need to provide their details and answer a few questions. 

Apart from the fun perks of scoring exclusive deals, these interactive kiosks offer a fresh and innovative way to enhance user’s shopping experience. This kiosk was then reused and reskinned during ION Orchard's Chinese New Year festive campaign too. Our team handled every aspect of development, including software and user interface design, animation as well as hardware provision.